Experiments MVP, MMP

Experiments MVP, MMP

Customer Seat at the Table


Once a solution has been selected, the product is developed incrementally and with an experimental mindset to continue to incorporate feedback from the customer. Subsets of features that are developed and put in front of customers to get early feedback are called Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). The MVP provides valuable learning toward development of the Minimal Marketable Product (MMP), which is the minimum features that both solve the customer’s problems and can be marketed and sold to generate revenue.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) can be thought of as early experiments designed to give the teams valuable feedback as they build out the MMP. Information learned from each MVP ensures that they are building out the right features for the MMP. Developing an MMP reduces the time to market by releasing a small set of features that addresses the customer’s needs and creates the desired user experience.

Problems We’re Trying to Solve

  • High-cost and large-scale rework
  • Investing in features that are not wanted or needed
  • Missed market opportunities
  • Unhappy customers
  • It takes too long to develop and release marketable products

Desired Outcomes

  • Experiments with MVPs inform the MMP, resulting in a better product, measured by value delivered
  • Rework comes at a low cost, measured by development costs
  • The solution reflects customer input and solves the right problem in a useful way, measured by customer satisfaction/ROI
  • Marketable products are released quickly and incrementally, measured by time to market

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