5 Strategies to Mitigate Coronavirus Disruption and Keep Teams Performing

As a global business community, we’re forced to limit travel due to the onset and spread of COVID-19. High-performing distributed teams (Agile and non-Agile) are the best way to sustain momentum. But how do you keep virtual teams performing at their highest levels?

In our recent webinar, Sally Elatta, founder and CEO of AgilityHealth®, presented five strategies you can immediately use to double-down on continuous improvement efforts. Attendees learned how to enable effective engagement and accelerate virtual team maturity while avoiding disruption and loss of productivity.

View the presentation slides here.

What are the potential impacts of COVID & remote work to our team and organizational performance?

Participants discussed how the current environment is bringing a new set of challenges. Teams are finding value in talking about the changing conditions as a group and expressing their concerns.

Without overlooking the severity of the epidemic, Sally shared the following strategies for minimizing business impact and increasing continuous improvement. Details about each one are linked within.

5 strategies to use immediately

  1. Implementing virtual Big Room Retrospectives (VBRR) and TeamHealth retrospectives which helps teams reflect on their last quarter or release and improve the next one
  2. Leveraging real actionable data and the voice of your teams to identify targeted improvement plans
  3. Training leaders and managers to identify and remove obstacles
  4. Stabilizing teams with role-based training
  5. Enabling teams to help themselves by providing self-learning resources for their targeted areas of improvement

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