A surprising value from the AgilityHealthRadar

I did a radar-based retro with one of the teams at a client yesterday. Their lowest competency is Predictable Velocity. We explored that and found that – among other things – their database developers were being slowed down by the external reviews by the database architects. The discussion went on for a while, and we came up with four specific actions regarding this issue.

One value of this use of the radar is that we uncovered something that was both subtle and the elephant in the room.

Another is the actions that the team came up with to address it.

An unexpected value is that one of the database developers asked me to generate PDFs of the radar report and the growth plan, so that he could use them in his conversations with the database architects. He said that it was very valuable to be able to show them what the team had discovered and what they had proposed doing to address the challenge. It changed it from a developer vs. the Architects discussion to a team + the Architects discussion.

Pretty powerful stuff.

– Doc List