Agile Assessment Questions

When working in an Agile environment, self-assessment questions and tools using a Crawl > Walk > Run > Fly maturity model can be instrumental in carrying out an agile transformation and facilitating a culture of improvement. Self-assessment is essential to understand the current maturity of the team, their understanding of the transformation strategy, and to measure progress toward their improvement goals. Assessments are a tool to recognize the abilities of team members and help teams to realize where they are and what the next step should be. If you are willing to become more Agile, it’s advised to assess yourself and your team to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How are we assessing the health of our teams? Are we using TeamHealth® or something we designed on our own?
  • What are the areas in which you want to mature? Do you have a maturity guide to help you?
  • Are you able to benchmark your results against other organizations?
  • What should be your next step in your transformation?
  • How can you lead as a team?

Asking the right Agile Assessment Questions is instrumental in bringing about a consistent understanding across teams in the organization.

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