When participants can’t make an in-person workshop, AgilityHealth’s agile online certification is a great opportunity to become certified from the comfort of your own location.

AgilityHealth Online Facilitator Certification

This agile online certification workshop prepares participants to facilitate and deliver the TeamHealth Retrospective Assessments and certifies them to be AgilityHealth Facilitators.

Agile Certification Online Outcomes

After completing this workshop participants will:

  1. Know the purpose, agenda and deliverables of a TeamHealth Retrospective Assessment.
  2. Understand the 5 TeamHealth dimensions, questions asked for each and know how to articulate them to workshop attendees.
  3. Have the ability to walk through a detailed Demo of the AgilityHealth assessment tool and gain the confidence in providing this demo/walk-through to organization leaders and teams.
  4. Have participated in a simulation of the TeamHealth Retrospective assessment facilitated by our experts.
  5. Have practiced facilitating the TeamHealth retrospective introduction and dimension review with a smaller sub-team.
  6. Learn the top Dos and Don’ts when facilitating this session and lessons learned from our expert facilitators.
Upon Completion of the Agile Online Certification:
  1. You will receive an official ‘AgilityHealth Facilitator’ (AHF) Certificate and may display the logo and abbreviation in your title.
  2. You will have access to deliver one FREE TeamHealth assessment and continue to deliver the assessments with paid subscriptions.
  3. You will receive valuable course materials, TeamHealth radar and flashcards.
  4. You’ll be invited to the private AgilityHealth Facilitator Linkedin Group to collaborate with others in the certified community.

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