Here is an overview of the AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification and why you should become an agile certification professional.

We Solved Our Own Agile Coaching Problem

As Agile coaches we had similar problems to what you are going through right now.

We needed to go into an organization and access the health of many different teams and continuously do that in a way where we are hearing the voice of the team, what problems they have and how are they doing.

You understand that team health isn’t just a matter of their metrics and their velocity but it takes into account their leadership health, the culture of the team and many other aspects.

So what we have designed is a two and a half hour retrospective assessment.

Note, this is different than the retrospectives that we do within every iteration right now, we consider that a tactical retrospective. You are looking at the last iteration and say how are we going to improve the next iteration.

In this strategic retrospective assessment, you are looking at the last quarter for that team’s health and saying:

  • How are we going to get better?
  • What are the biggest bangs for the buck for us to improve and what are our actual growth plans?
  • What are we going to do to get better?

Now imagine if it is not just one team, but many teams within your organization that are doing that, the voice of the team shows up to the leadership and they can do something about it to help improve the health of the team and of course that results in organizational health.

Who Should Attend the Agile Certification

We want you to have Agile background and experience, you can be an Agile coach, you can be a scrum master, you can even be a manager who cares and wants to assess the health of their teams.

Why Get an Agile Certification

So what is in it for you, why should you become and AgilityHealth Certified Facilitator.

1. One powerful radar that tells the whole story

We’ll first think about it, the visualization aspect of your team health is powerful.

Your team is going to want to see the radar and see how they are doing, what are their gaps and how can they improve.

Your organizational leaders will be able to understand the one powerful radar that tells the whole story of team health.

2. Build Actionable Growth Plans

Second you will be able to create actionable growth plans.

Growth plans that the teams themselves have come up with and will take them to their next level of maturity and

3. Roll up Multiple Team’s Assessments

Third and most importantly, you will be able to roll up, multiple team’s assessments and have visualization and direct visibility into their organizational impediment.

Think about it how long does it take you right now to hear the voice of the team and to collect that data; so we absolutely believe strongly that with this tool, you will take your team and your organizational health to the next level.

We hope you will join us and becoming an AgilityHealth Certified Facilitator.

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