Measurement Jump Start

Product Manager Talent Development

This jump start program provides a holistic yet structured approach to developing internal Product Managers covering the 4 areas needed to accelerate and scale your talent development program.

Individuals: 20-100+
Weeks: 2-4
Product Owner
  • LEARN: Build an Product Manager specific learning roadmap
  • MEASURE: Define and assess target competencies with a clear maturity path
  • GROW: Enable self-learning and growth for Product Manager
  • MENTOR: Build a strong mentorship program, strengthen communities of practice
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This jump start aims to deliver the following outcomes:
  • Define a talent development strategy for the Product Manager role
  • Rollout program across 20 – 100+ Product Managers
  • Leverage role based assessment to identify strengths and gaps
  • Build growth plans for each participant
  • Roll-up data across the cohort and identify patterns across the cohort
  • Leadership readout and build organizational plans for leaders

Rollout Process


Deep Dive Role Workshop

Deliver a role deep workshop for that covers role expectations and what success looks like across the competencies along with engagement exercises.
1/2 Day Session


Complete Self Assessment & 360

Complete role based self-assessment during the role deep dive workshop. Invite others to complete 360 assessment.
1-2 weeks 


Growth Planning

Review results with individuals (manager, coach, peer to peer) and build growth items for individuals and where managers can help.
3 Hr Session


Leadership Readout

Rollup results and identify patterns. Review program results with leaders, share insights and recommendations. Build organizational growth items for leaders.
2 Hr Session



Kickoff & Strategy

The strategy sessions helps define the program goals, scope and build an implementation plan and roadmap for this role across the 4 talent development areas above.


Setup and Configuration

This step includes configuration of AgilityHealth teams and basic training for your power users.


Radar Customization

This optional workshop helps accelerate customization of the existing radar OR development of a new one.


Communication & Scheduling

Prepare deep-dive workshop for target roles webinar plus formal communication on program goals and scheduling.

Talent Strategy

The talent development strategy workshop helps define the scope of the rollout. This includes the program goals, target roles and the detailed implementation plan.

Program Seminars

There are two 1-hour seminars offered, one to kickoff the program and communicate goals with the participants, second is for the coaches & managers who will be reviewing results and building growth plans.

Product Manager Role Deep Dive

This workshop provides an overview of the Product Manager role radar, target competencies and what 'great' looks like. The self-assessment is completed at the end of this session.

Leadership Readout

Rollup data across the cohort group, review program results with leaders, share insights and recommendations. Build organizational level growth items for leaders to support the role. Agree on next steps.

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

Product Manager PDF Output

Individual Growth Plan

Product Manager Radar

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