We’ve learned from experience that traditional HR departments will need to play a truly strategic and critical role to sustain an Agile transformation, but what will that look like? How can HR enable business agility? How can you educate and engage your HR partners on this journey? How do traditional HR departments move to a modern People Team focused on developing and hiring the talent that fits their organizations’ business agility goals?

Here you’ll find helpful insights, resources and learning opportunities to navigate this new way of working.

Preparing Organizations for the Future of Work

Agile Talent & HR Webinar

In today’s market, ensuring your organization is at the cutting edge is of the utmost importance to stay competitive. In this webinar, Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Bryan Tew discusses:

  • Outlining the key differences between traditional HR and modern People Team
  • How to recruit, hire and onboard Agile Talent and Agile Leaders to support Business Agility
  • How to cultivate, engage and grow individuals in order to retain talent
  • How to revitalize low performing teams
  • How to design your organization for the new way of working
  • Understanding rewards & recognition in an Agile environment

Agile Talent & HR Radar Assessment

Visualize the full picture of the journey to an Agile HR by taking this brief assessment. See how you stack up against others to measure the health of your HR strategy and tactics to Agile and the new ways of working. This radar looks at the following key dimensions: Organization Design, Talent Acquisition, Enabling Effective Performance, Learning & Development, and Agile HR Mindset.

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Agile Talent & HR Insights

Want to learn the top 2019 Talent trends coming up that need your attention? Or even hear stories directly from what others have been doing? Check out these valuable resources:

Developing and Maturing Agile Roles

Ideas on how to accelerate the growth and development of your Agile talent: