Accelerate your Agile and Digital transformation maturity across your teams, programs, and portfolios

  • Leverage expert assessments for Agile, DevOps, SAFe® and others
  • Save millions by identifying gaps early and continuously improving
  • Measure Agile adoption success across teams and programs
  • Use data to inform decisions and develop Agile talent with

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*Limited time offer ends November 4, 2022. You must be a new AgilityHealth customer to qualify. Offer good for government agencies that have a minimum of 100 agile teams. An internal agency sponsor must participate to oversee the pilot kickoff and champion platform onboarding.


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 Team & Program Agility Jump Start

Get a Team or Program Agility baseline assessment and quickly accelerate Agile and DevSecOps maturity. Leverage the SAFe assessments to accelerate agility across trains and portfolios.

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Jump Start Your Talent Development

Quickly up-skill key roles such as Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, RTEs, Managers and Team Coaches. Leverage the Learn > Measure > Grow > Mentor AgilityHealth program.

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Lean Portfolio Management Baseline

Assess your Lean Portfolio Management maturity around key SAFe® LPM concepts including Strategy and Investment Funding, Portfolio Operations, Lean Governance and Outcomes/OKR based planning for 2023.

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AgilityHealth® Assessments

Access a wide set of expert designed assessments visualized as radars to assess maturity across: Teams, Programs, Agency level, DevOps,
SAFe® maturity, Talent/Role based maturity and the new Government Agility Assessment built on the GAO Agile Guide.

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Measure Maturity + Performance

Measure and improve Agile and Digital maturity at the Team, Program and Agency level. Leverage integration with Jira Align and other ALMs for performance data.


Analyze Multi-Team Data

Rollup data across hundreds of teams and programs, identify patterns and areas for improvement. Translate these to actionable growth plans that are tracked overtime.

Enable Scalable Self-Learning

Access the Growth Portal which enables scalability and sustainability of the transformation by empowering teams/programs to access consistent guidance and recommendations related to each competency they want to improve.

Leverage AgilityHealth with your Agency

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Accelerate Talent Development

Develop Agile talent quickly through our individual role-based radar assessments and deep dive training.

Scale Agile Learning

Leverage the largest database of on-line Agile training videos ( to quickly up-skill everyone at your agency.
Team members can watch short videos on their own time and immediately apply learnings directly to their jobs.

How It Works

AgilityHealth makes it easy to establish a baseline for teams, programs or portfolios and leverage results to continuously grow.
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    Get Certified as an
    AgilityHealth Facilitator

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    Facilitate a Team
    Strategic Retrospective

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    Turn Insights
    into Action

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    Measure Growth
    Over Time

Security and Data Privacy

AgilityHealth® was designed to meet the rigorous performance, scalability, security
and compliance regulations of the largest enterprises.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform, Soc1 Compliant FedRAMP Authorized

Certified SOC2, Type 2 Compliant

Aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Requirements

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Company Background

Agile Transformation Inc. was established in 2009 and recently changed its name to AgilityHealth® in 2019. Our company initially focused on providing Agile training and transformation services then shifted to building products (measurement and eLearning) that enable scaling and sustainability of large-scale transformations.

  • Company Size: 70
  • Headquarters: Omaha, NE

Company Leadership

The founder is Sally Elatta, an immigrant who came to the US in 1998 with a dream of building a business that can make a BIG impact in the US and the world. She’s an entrepreneur and a thought leader in the Agile and measurement space. She’s a frequent keynote and industry speaker and advises senior executives on their transformation strategy.

Learn more about the company: