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Agility University is the largest online video library designed to fast track Agile and enterprise agility learning across the enterprise. You can help Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers, Executives leverage the short videos to learn and apply new skills every day.

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Training everyone in your organization can be difficult, but with AgileVideos your teams will learn modern Digital & Agile skills FAST with 300+ short, practical, and engaging videos they can watch from anywhere!

Practical Learning Targeted for Key Roles

Team Members
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Scrum Masters &
Team Coaches
Product Owners & Product Managers
Managers &
Senior Leaders

Develop Agile Talent

Key roles such as Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Managers, Solution Leads and Team Members have their own learning path! Users can also choose to learn by course, topic or use our guided 12 week learning plans. Topics cover a wide variety of Agile topics, including:

Ask us how to accelerate the development of Agile skills by measuring role-based maturity with AgilityHealth®.

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Preview a few sample videos

Intro to Scrum

Intro to Scrum introduces you to the core of Scrum including the main roles, process, artifacts and important terms used.

Agile Simulation

Follow a day in the life of a team as they go through all the Agile lifecycle activities such as visioning, planning, writing stories, sizing, release planning and execution.

Agile Team Roles

This course explores what’s expected from roles such as the Scrum Master, Product Owner, Managers, Business Analyst, and Agile Coach.

Kanban Videos

This course is for operations, support and business teams. It offers an in-depth view on how a Kanban system operates and how it can be applied to your team. You will learn each of the tenants of Kanban, how to set up your board, how to measure the flow of work and how to implement a Kanban system within your team.

Leading High-Performing Teams

This leadership course is for managers, Scrum Masters and change leaders who are ready to shift from command and control style to servant leadership and unlock the potential of their teams. You’ll learn what it takes to create self-organizing collaborative teams and how to manage team forming and storming phases.

Enterprise Business Agility

Our Enterprise Business Agility videos give you an overview of Business Agility and then dive deeper into the 7 pillars: Customer Seat at the Table, Lean Portfolio Mgmt, Org/Team Design, Agile, Leadership Agility, Make it Stick and Technology/Digital Agility. Learn from real-world leaders on the journey.

AgileVideos Benefits

Initial Education & Engagement

Engage teams, leaders and specific roles with short educational webinars. Learn by course, topic or guided 12 week learning plans.

New Member On-Boarding

Embed video lessons into new team member on-boarding plans. Quickly train new Agile team leaders or managers.

On the Job, Just-in-Time Learning

Access on-demand video lessons to enable practical, on-the-job learning. Assign lessons each Sprint for targeted learning.

We enable you to Scale & Accelerate your Transformation


Enable learning at scale! Build Digital and Agile talent quickly with the largest library of short on-demand videos. Watch it, Learn it, Do it NOW!

Measure & Grow

Quickly assess maturity, identify gaps, build targeted growth plans for teams & leaders. Develop Agile talent across your enterprise.
AgilityHealth Platform.


Scale your internal capacity by training the trainers and building internal change agents across the 7 pillars of  Enterprise Business AgilityCourseware Licensing & T3.


Achieve Business Agility faster than your competitors! “The ability to respond to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed and thrive in a competitive market.”

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47 hours of learning
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Custom URL for registration
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