This 1-hour seminar helps educate ScrumMasters on their role and responsibilities in utilizing AgilityHealth including activities to be completed before, during and after their team’s AgilityHealth Retrospectives. ScrumMasters will understand the purpose of AgilityHealth, their role and responsibilities and will be prepared to complete the action items necessary to help their teams continuously improve.

Who should attend:

ScrumMasters for teams participating in an AgilityHealth Retrospective who will be acting as the Team Admin and is responsible for incorporating team growth items into their team’s sprints/iterations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the AgilityHealth Retrospective and the importance of meeting with the AgilityHealth Facilitator to discuss the team and stakeholders prior to a retrospective
  • Understand what preparation is necessary to answer quantitative questions in the TeamHealth and/or DevOps assessments
  • Learn how to update and maintain the team’s setup in AgilityHealth
  • Understand how to help support the AgilityHealth Facilitator and how to help capture/refine the Growth Plan items during the retrospective
  • Learn the importance of reviewing, prioritizing and managing the Growth Plan backlog with each sprint/iteration of the team