AgilityHealth Quarterly Transformation Program

What is the AgilityHealth Transformation Program?

This program is designed for executives and leaders who want to initiate or stabilize an existing transformation and need real measurable results! The services below are offered through us or our certified partners.

How does it work?

01 Transformation Strategy Planning – create a clear transformation vision, measures for success and execution plan for the next iteration (usually every quarter or every 6 months).

02 Use our proprietary AgilityHealth assessments to understand the as-is baseline and develop growth plans.

03 Setup the foundation and begin the change management activities.

04 Deliver targeted Cultural and Agile transformation workshops for various groups (internal or external trainers). Sustain the learning through the library.

05 Deliver targeted short term coaching using internal coaches or external.

06 Finish this iteration with a Demo, retrospective and measure the before and after AgilityHealth picture. Plan next iteration.

AgilityHealth_TransformationProgramAgilityHealth-Measurable Results