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In addition to our certifications, we offer many different opportunities for training,
workshops and seminars relating to AgilityHealth. Check them out below!

Scaling Measurement & Growth

This advanced one-day workshop provides an in-depth view of how to scale measurements and growth across multiple teams (programs, product lines, portfolios and lines of business). AgilityHealth Facilitators will also learn how to facilitate the Accelerating Team and Organizational Growth for Leaders workshop, which is a fundamental part of making AgilityHealth stick. Finally, this workshop takes AgilityHealth Facilitators through a deep dive of additional radars we offer such as: Business Agility Health, SAFe Release Train, Lean Product Development, Lean Portfolio Health, Technical Health and more.

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How Healthy is Your Agile Team

This 90-minute Lunch & Learn seminar will help engage Agile teams and generate excitement for doing their TeamHealth Retrospectives. Teams will learn about the concept of TeamHealth, what it takes to become a high-performing team and how to overcome common challenges teams face along their Agile journey.

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AgilityHealth Overview for Leaders

This 2-hour seminar helps educate Managers and Leaders on the value of AgilityHealth and how to leverage the data it provides to help teams grow. Leaders will learn about their role and responsibilities in utilizing AgilityHealth and the expectations teams should have of their Leaders to own organizational growth items and see them through to completion.

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TeamHealth Retrospective

The TeamHealth Retrospective is a powerful deep-dive strategic team retrospective that focuses on the top areas that affect team performance and health. The 2.5 – 3 hour assessment is conducted by a trained facilitator who enables your team to complete our unique 360 TeamHealth Radar, which covers the 5 key dimensions of a healthy Agile team (Clarity, Performance, Leadership, Culture, Foundation). The facilitator then engages the team in a healthy and open retrospective around analyzing their radar results and reviewing their Strengths, Growth Opportunities and Top Impediments to growth. The final output of the retrospective is a team Growth Plan with key outcomes the team wants to achieve within the next few months.

Who should attend: 

  • ScrumMasters, POs, and all other core Team Members

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Accelerating Team and Organizational Growth for Leaders

This one-day workshop focuses on how Agile Leaders can impact the health and performance of their teams by taking a deep dive into their team’s real performance, analyzing the team’s radars, identifying top areas for growth and developing a concrete plan for removing organizational obstacles in the next quarter/PI.

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AgilityHealth Pilot

There are 3 options available for a company to try AgilityHealth before purchasing a subscription. They are: Full Pilot, Limited Pilot and Experiment.

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Enterprise Business Agility Seminar

Through this 2-hour seminar, we’ll dig deep into the seven critical pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation and help Executives understand the elements needed for designing successful business agility transformations where Agile/Lean goes beyond IT.

Leaders are facing increased pressure from their business to accelerate the pace in meeting a competitive landscape of customer demands. The challenge in scaling Agile at the Enterprise level is many Leaders fail to have an overall transformation strategy that combines the necessary Process, Culture, Portfolio Management, Org Structure and Technical processes that need to change. In this seminar, you’ll learn techniques and strategies around a model you can use to successfully apply Agile/Lean at the Enterprise level.

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