AHT authorizes you to certify AgilityHealth Facilitators (AHF). The value of the AgilityHealth platform is dependent upon well-facilitated retrospectives. This is the responsibility of the AHF. The AHT is crucially important because these are the people who are preparing their colleagues to become capable and confident AHFs.

The goal of the program is to ensure that AHFs are competent and confident in their ability to facilitate the Team Health Retrospective (THR). It is designed to ensure that those who certify AgilityHealth Facilitators (AHFs) meet the high standards set by AgilityHealth (AH).

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Workshop Duration

40 hours over 5 or more sessions.

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Deliver the AHF course effectively
  • Navigate AH resources including the Growth Portal, Support Center
  • Basic familiarity with the AH platform features
  • Basic familiarity with the radars for organizations, teams and individuals
  • Deliver the AgilityHealth Overview seminars for teams, leaders, and Scrum masters
  • Conduct a Leadership Debrief after a retrospective
  • Understand and be able to demonstrate AgilityHealth Features and configure tags
AgilityHealth Trainer Badge
  • [30 Minutes] AHT Program Overview Audience – AHT instructor, AHT coordinator, CSM
  • [1 Hour] Introduction to AHT Program – Audience – AHT instructor, AHT candidates, client sponsor (optional), CSM (optional)
  • [3 Hours] Radar Facilitation Training – Audience – AHT instructor and candidates
  • [4 Hours] Content Review and Discussion – Audience – AHT instructor and candidates
  • [8 Hours] Shadowing a Class – Audience – AHT instructor, candidates, and a smaller-than-usual group of AHF students
  • [8 Hours] Co-lead a class – Audience – AHT instructor, one AHT candidate per session (more can shadow if desired), and a smaller-than-usual group of AHF students (6-10)
  • [8 Hours] Deliver Training – Audience – Up to two AHT candidates per session, AHT instructor, and a smaller-than-usual group of AHF students (6-10)
  • [30 minutes per candidate] Certification Decision – Audience – AHT instructor and candidate (optionally, multiple candidates can be done together)
  • [1 Hour] AHT Program Retrospective -Audience: AH Training Coordinator, AHT instructor, and AHT program participants
  • [2 hours] AgilityHealth Adoption for the Organization (optional) – Audience – AgilityHealth Implementation Coordinators and AHT Candidates.

This Workshop is intended for people leaders to uncover and understand the evolving leadership skills required to enable increased Leadership Agility, including strategies and techniques to unlock the potential of high-performing teams and individuals.