We’ve combined your data and AI-driven insights using Generative AI (GenAI) to create the first of many AI enhancements to our platform. Our latest feature helps summarize and analyze Growth Items, as well as summarize textual comments from team assessments and show them at the multi-team and enterprise team levels. GenAI leverages the ChatGPT alias OpenAI LLM (Large Language Model) model to find insights within your company’s data within AgilityHealth. Coming soon are additional AI features for the Structural Agility dashboard using Natural Language Query (NLQ), team-level radars, and more!

Growth Items Dashboard:

Multi- and Enterprise Team Radar Results:

Growth Items and Textual Comments

We’ve implemented GenAI so that none of our customers’ data leaves the platform to be analyzed; everything stays in AgilityHealth.

GenAI will ease the stress of trying to understand responses from each team individually by providing a summary on multi-team and enterprise team radars of the open-ended questions at the end of team assessments for Strengths, Growth Opportunities/Improvements, and Impediments.

In addition, to save you the time of analyzing hundreds of Growth Items on the Growth Items Dashboard, GenAI will summarize and provide an analysis of common themes and patterns in Growth Items across your teams.

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