We’ve incorporated a new feature on our Structural Agility Dashboard called Ask AgilityAI. This widget uses Natural Language Query (NLQ) to empower you to interact with your company’s AgilityHealth data in everyday language, making it possible to ask questions in simple English (or other supported languages) and receive responses in the form of visuals or detailed reports. Built on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, this widget employs artificial intelligence to decode and process user queries, transforming them into actionable insights.

Structural Agility

In the Ask AgilityAI widget on the Structural Agility Dashboard, we’re using Natural Language Query (NLQ) to retrieve data from your company’s AgilityHealth database to respond to your questions. We’ve implemented NLQ so that none of our customers’ data leaves the platform to be analyzed; everything stays in AgilityHealth. Learn about our dedication to Responsible AI.

Ask AgilityAI will help you better understand your team structure, where team members are over or under-allocated, which employees are full-time vs contractors, the stability of your teams, and more!

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