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Become a Partner


Problems We Solve

  • No way to measure the ROI of a Transformation
  • Too many excel sheets & overwhelming survey tools
  • It’s hard to gain visibility into team health
  • Growth is not measurable
  • Difficult to see patterns across many teams
  • Difficult to see where help is really needed
  • Measurement is inconsistent & not scalable

AgilityHealth Partner Program

Why Partner

  • Provide qualitative & quantitative metrics showing the ROI for your coaching engagement or the state of an Agile Transformation.
  • Provide customers with a consistent method for measurable growth quarter after quarter.
  • Expand your service offerings to include instant access to high quality organizational retrospectives.
  • Build targeted roadmaps and services offerings for your customers based on objective data.
  • Focus on delivering value, we’ll support you with world class retrospectives.
  • Earn revenue on customers you refer to us that start a subscription for AgilityHealth.

We’re already doing the hard work so you don’t have to!

How it Works

  • Chat with us about the program to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • Sign our NDA and Referral Partner Agreement.
  • Refer customers to us and help us schedule an AgilityHealth for Leaders demo with Transformation Leaders and Sponsors that we’ll deliver.
  • Optional if you want to use AgilityHealth with your clients: Attend an AgilityHealth Facilitation Certification Workshop (online or in-person). The discount price for Partners is $800.
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  • Once you’re certified, you can facilitate one TeamHealth Retrospective for FREE and help build a growth plan for your customer.
  • After certification, you may purchase retrospective packages ($500/retrospective/team) to use with your clients.

Our vision for helping organizations grow and achieve measurable and sustainable transformations is just getting started!
Let’s help enable business agility together!

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