Big-Room Retrospectives help organizations establish a health and maturity baseline, gathering information across a large number of teams all at one sitting. A Big-Room AgilityHealth® Retrospective enables organizations to foster a collaborative environment where the voice of the teams is heard and generates momentum for Continuous Improvement.

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Workshop Duration

1/2 Day

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • The baseline is obtained quickly – a portfolio of teams establishes a robust baseline assessment
  • The quality of data is high due to the coordinated control over variables
  • Point in time data is gathered that is less subject to team scheduling
  • Consistency of user experience across teams occurs
  • Discussion generates positive energy among team members
  • A collaborative environment is fostered among all teams
  • Momentum is generated for continuous improvement in the organization
Multi-Team Roll-Up
  • Several teams (up to 10) in one large room at the same time
  • Primary AHF kicks off retrospective
  • All teams complete the assessment at the same time
  • Each individual team has their own AHF to facilitate the team retrospective
  • Teams create growth items
  • Cross-team sharing of learnings
  • Manager debrief  last 30mins

Big Room Implementation Approach

Team Members who take the assessment during the Big-Room Retrospective:

  • Core members of the team [SM, PO and Development Team]
  • Includes contractors who are members of the team
  • Does NOT include anyone who does not deliver as part of the team
  • For some assessments, including the TeamHealth® Radar, the ScrumMaster and Product Owner roles may receive additional questions that focus on quantitative data about the team. It is suggested to send these questions ahead of time to the role(s) who will answer them, so they can gather the data for the answers.

Stakeholders who should be sent the assessment ahead of time:

  • Do not attend the strategic retrospective session
  • Stakeholders are people who have a direct stake in the health and delivery of teams but are not part of the actual team [Product Mgmt., Team Leads, etc.]
  • Stakeholders receive a 2-question survey prior to the strategic retrospective and answer the following questions:
    • What is your confidence in the team?
    • Using a scale of 1 to 10; how likely are you to recommend working with this team to others?

Accelerate your Enterprise Business Agility journey by measuring what matters and creating a culture of continuous improvement at every level.