Agile Business Outcomes, Part 1: Looking Beyond the Profit Metric

In this blog series we explore the world of Business Outcomes; turning what’s important to our business into actionable outcomes, consider outcomes as opportunities to experiment with and improve, and how we meet our outcomes best by helping our customers meet their outcomes. Part 1: Looking Beyond the Profit Metric Financial metrics are obviously crucial

Are You Building the Right Products?

As agile practitioners we are all familiar with the  Agile Manifesto and the positive impact it has had on companies, specifically in Information Technology (IT) departments around the globe. Although the Manifesto has helped us think and work differently and often in more effective and efficient ways, countless organizations continue to build products that customer

Implementing Agile in a Non-Profit Environment

Applying Agile in a non-profit context requires recognition of a near-universal truth: non-profits are notoriously underfunded and understaffed, leaving individuals wearing many hats and mostly in fire-fighting mode. This leaves very few resources for any type of process improvement, even when individuals and organizations are receptive to a new way of working. But this means