This workshop brings portfolio, product and technology leaders together to create quarterly OKRs that align to one and three-year outcomes to drive the right focus for teams for the next quarter.

Leaders will align work to the outcomes and learn how to optimize execution through the utilization of Portfolio Kanban and cadence-based routines. This workshop is conducted as a collaborative working session.

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Workshop Duration

1 day

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Learn techniques for writing quarterly outcomes and key results
  • Create quarterly outcomes to enable focus and alignment for the quarter
  • Learn how to align deliverables/features to outcomes
  • Learn how to balance capacity and demand through quarterly planning
Outcomes Dashboard


  • Setting the quarterly context
  • Types of quarterly outcomes
  • Getting the most out of your key results
  • Draft and review quarterly outcomes


  • Alignment of deliverables/features to outcomes
  • Quarterly visualization with portfolio kanban
  • Balancing capacity and demand through quarterly planning
  • Establishing regular practices and routines

Who Should Attend

Portfolio, Product, Technology and other leaders who can enable focus and alignment through Quarterly Outcomes.