Discover the power of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in this workshop, designed to transform how your organization sets and tracks ambitious goals. Participants will learn to shift focus from mere activities to achieving specific, impactful outcomes. Become the catalyst in your organization by mastering and guiding the five-step OKR process, ensuring a clear vision of success. Additionally, gain expertise in utilizing our specialized dashboard for effectively tracking, sharing, and updating OKRs, keeping everyone aligned and informed on progress.

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Workshop Duration

7-10 hrs

Learning Objectives

  • Master OKR Cycle and Effective OKR Formulation: Develop expertise in the complete OKR cycle—setting, aligning, sharing, checking in, and achieving—while gaining skills in crafting impactful OKRs.
  • Transition to Outcome-Based Planning: Learn to shift focus from outputs to strategic outcomes, aligning your organization’s efforts with its overarching goals.
  • Strategize and Align Key Results: Acquire the ability to identify, balance, and align key results with the right metrics, ensuring they contribute effectively to organizational objectives.
  • Define and Align Strategic and Annual Outcomes: Understand how to set long-term strategic intents and align them with annual goals, ensuring a cohesive approach across various organizational levels.
  • Distinguish and Utilize KPIs and OKRs: Clarify the differences between KPIs and OKRs and learn how to use them effectively to track and drive performance.
  • Visualize Outcomes and Establish Check-In Routines: Master techniques for making outcomes transparent through visualization tools and establish a regular cadence for monitoring and optimizing OKR achievement.

Enterprise, portfolio and product leaders from both business, operations, technology backgrounds who are in charge of defining, aligning and ensuring successful outcomes are achieved. Change agents and OKR consultants are also welcome to join to support their organization and clients through this journey.