This workshop aims to help senior leaders, product managers, product owners and managers master the art of creating business outcome metrics that bring alignment, focus and drive results at each level. You’ll learn about OKRs (objective key results) and practice creating real outcomes your teams can align around.

Who should attend:

Senior leaders from business/IT,  product leaders, managers, product owners  who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how they can define clear and measurable business outcomes and translate these to achievable team goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about common challenges with identifying and measuring value delivered from our work
  • Learn the different levels of outcomes and how to align them (portfolio, product/program, team, department)
  • Receive an introduction to defining quarterly OKRs with clear objectives and key results (outcomes)
  • Learn how to make your outcomes visible, to everyone
  • Understand how to break down larger strategic outcomes into smaller OKRs
  • Define what business value means to you and define clear criteria others can follow
  • Learn how to calculate business value points to help rank outcomes against each other
  • Discover how to measure achievement and results with frequent check-ins
  • Learn Change Mgmt. and top tips for making this stick
  • Understand how to leverage AgilityHealth for managing and gaining visibility to outcomes across teams, program, portfolios and departments
  • Discover how to establish your action plan