Online Retailer

An online retailer of licensed sports apparel and merchandise reached out seeking help provide coaching to their Managers, ScrumMasters and Infrastructure Teams, and along with this engagement implemented AgilityHealth®.

The retailer used the AgilityHealth® TeamHealth Radar to measure the health of their teams in the beginning of our engagement and then six months later. Over that time frame, Clarity improved by 25%, Performance improved by 28%, Leadership improved by 23%, Culture improved by 8% and Foundation improved by 28%.

AgilityHealth® was utilized within four teams belonging to their Infrastructure Program. Team members were new to Agile and had been stood up, but needed to be stabilized. The goal of our engagement was to use AgilityHealth® to pinpoint the team’s pain points and to create a growth plan to help them succeed in their Agile journey.

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Metrics – Baseline

Each of the four teams participated in a strategic retrospective aimed at determining the current state of the teams. The red line shows the roll-up of all four teams results (click to enlarge).

Result-Driven Growth Plan

Results from the baseline retrospective led to the discovery of several team level growth items and many organizational obstacles that were impeding the teams.

The retailer’s coaches and leaders took the retrospective results seriously and focused on removing impediments. Items they completed include:

  • Improved team velocity by defining and pointing stories correctly which increased the predictability of team delivery dates
  • Improved ceremonies and their meaningfulness to the teams
  • Helped the Infrastructure teams integrate better with other teams and be part of their planning – which allows for better alignment of resources to projects/teams
  • Improved reporting metrics by creating burn-down and burn-up charts, measuring team health, creating backlog items, and identifying organizational impediments to be removed
  • Provided coaching to ensure consistent training of Agile methods across teams
  • Established a coaching and training backlog


Each of the four teams participated in another retrospective aimed at determining the current state of the teams after six months of training, coaching and work on the growth items above.

The purple line represents the roll-up of all four teams results from the much improved baseline retrospective in red.

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Current Period = Orange  |  Three months prior = Blue

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Improvements over the last quarter are shown below.

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Performance Growth

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The retailer established goals at the beginning of our engagement and used one-on-one coaching, along with AgilityHealth®, to accomplish them.

Team members and coaches now have AgilityHealth® as a platform to measure their health quarter over quarter. AgilityHealth® allows them to develop growth plans, helping teams continuously improve, and allows leadership to have visibility to which organizational impediments need removing.