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How Important Are Leaders to the Health of Agile Teams? (Part 2)

Welcome back! In the first part of this post, we’ve seen how influential Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Tech Lead are when it comes to a team’s health. In this post, we’ll look further at the functional manager as well as whether various people’s confidence in the team is a good predictor of its health

How Important Are Leaders to the Health of Agile Teams? (Part 1)

Conventional wisdom suggests that leadership is important in business, so naturally the various types of leaders in and around Agile teams are important in making the teams healthy and productive. Or are they? After all, Agile organizations are often far from conventional. At AgilityHealth, we are all about understanding Agile teams and what makes them

What Is Enterprise Business Agility?

Evolving from “Agile Transformations” to “Enterprise Business Agility” There is a noticeable shift and perhaps an evolution from focusing on Agile transformations, which aim to optimize delivery within IT, to enabling Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) – transformations where a more holistic strategy is needed to enable true Enterprise Agility both within technology and beyond. Why?

2019 BAI Conference Learnings

2019 Business Agility Conference panelists

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Bryan Tew shares his experiences from the 2019 Business Agility Conference I recently returned from the third annual Business Agility Institute (BAI) conference held in New York City March 13-14th, and I’m excited to share some of the highlights and a few insights I had during the event. This was the largest gathering

Drivers for Enterprise Business Agility

If at times, it feels as if the pace of innovation and change is moving faster than ever, that’s because it is…  This reality isn’t a fad, it’s not driven by “performance enhancing drugs” or activist monetary policy.  It’s fueled by structural changes in how we as human beings are learning, collaborating, competing, and innovating.