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How Are You Measuring Your Agile Talent Development?

Introducing the Agile Talent & HR Radar Assessment We are so excited to bring you our newest radar that focuses on how the HR department enables and drives Agility within an organization. We believe that this domain within an organization is one of the most critical components of an Agile transformation. No matter which Agile

Stories from Our First Agile Talent & HR Workshop

We were very excited to host the inaugural session of the Agile Talent & HR (Talent Strategist Certification) Workshop at Agile Transformation, Inc. headquarters January 10-11, 2019. This topic is hot right now and a critical missing piece to the Agile transformation roadmap. No Agile journey has any hope of real success without involving HR

Developing the Role of Agile Leaders

Agile leadership is one of the biggest contributing factors that can make or break an Agile transformation. The skills required to be an impactful Agile leader can be difficult to measure without a tool such as the Agile Leader Radar within the AgilityHealth® measurement and continuous growth platform. Whether an executive, middle manager, or team

Agile Talent Growth Strategy

  The need for developing the necessary Agile Talent within organizations is increasing each and every day. There are many influencing factors for this need: the talent shortage and the need for businesses to work with an increased speed. This results in new skill requirements for the workforce and the increased need for knowledge workers

Top Agile Roles to Develop in 2019

The challenge many organizations implementing (or have implemented) Agile find early on is that there are a number of critical roles and skills they suddenly require that have not been a part of the organization’s DNA before. The manner in which the areas of the organization are implementing Agile are structured is significantly different to