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Developing Measurable Business Outcomes

It’s understandable why so many organizations still rely on activity-based metrics to measure success – most companies have been using activity-based, also known as “vanity” metrics, for years. The problem is these metrics don’t provide any real insight into the future business success of the organization. Relying solely on activity-based metrics makes it far too

Evan Leybourn’s Domains of Business Agility

Evan Leybourn, founder of the Business Agility Institute, created the now-famous Domains of Business Agility in a quick sketch that he released to the public right before going into surgery. Eight hours later, when he was allowed access to his laptop again, he discovered that his innovative idea had exploded online and was being discussed

Business Agility with Evan Leybourn

How do you create an Agile organization? Evan Leybourn, founder of the Business Agility Institute, provides a quick, detailed breakdown of the domains of business Agility in this short video. Business Agility defined According to Leybourn, Business Agility is the way in which organizations are able to remain adaptable and Agile in an ambiguous and