Category: Customers

Craig and Karen Aman


Craig and Karen Aman Mid America Computer Corporation The Agile learning environment has unlocked one of the major keys to bringing a cohesive working style within the company. Nick and Sally have seamlessly partnered with our teams to coach them through the Agile Life Cycle. The use of the Agile learning techniques has formed a

Brandon Rinck, PMP, CSM


Brandon Rinck, PMP, CSM Project Manager at Hayneedle Samar played a very important role, as an agile coach, helping Hayneedle transition into Agile project management. An Agile transition is not an easy process, but her positive attitude, work experience and willingness to have the tough conversations were critical in our success. Samar was a pleasure

Julie Peck


Julie Peck General Manager/CEO & Integration Executive Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services Samar is a great example of a rare combination. She brings a high level of domain and process expertise to the table, along with a critical focus on getting results, and great skills in getting teams motivated and moving in the right direction.

Peter Buchanan


Peter Buchanan Chief Executive Officer at VIAcode Consulting, LLC I met Samar when she worked at CT TyMetrix – the largest customer of my company, VIAcode Consulting. She served as a program manager for two projects where we were involved: 1. The development of a key piece of software related to application security. 2. The

Robyn Messerly


Robyn Messerly Software Development Manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart Agile Transformation provided us with quality training that elevated our level of productivity and confidence. They offer training opportunities for all levels of expertise, so I can go to them for all of my ongoing training needs. They are a real pleasure to do business with.