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Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta Founder of AgilityHealth Sally is simply a transformer, someone who is passionate about helping teams and organizations do what they do better. She loves seeing the Aha moments when individuals, teams, and leaders begin to realize how much more potential they can unlock once they understand why work isn’t flowing the right way

Trisha Hall


Trisha Hall Customer Advisor and Relationship Manager Trisha has over 20 years of experience across several industries, including health care, manufacturing and distribution, and finance. She loves helping people figure out what they need to be successful and then working with them to achieve their goals. She’s our Customer Advisor who listens closely to our

Bryan Tew


Bryan Tew Director of Training, Enterprise Transformation Coach Bryan a believer in transformation and is passionate about helping transform teams to deliver immediate value and exceed expectations through building high-performing teams and implementing proven Agile methods. He specializes in the practical and real world implementation of Agile methods with a focus on how to transform

Samar Elatta


Samar Elatta Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach & Trainer Samar is a creative, high energy, and results-oriented change agent with a passion for translating transformation strategy into reality. Organizational change and especially transformational change is hard, it requires positive energy, strategic thinking, long-term and short-term planning. But above all the ability to work with people day

Elkhair Elkhair


Elkhair Elkhair Uber Developer Elkhair is an Uber Developer who has made significant contributions to our AgilityHealth assessment tool. He is a master of Java Script, JQuery, PHP, and many other cool technologies that we can’t pronounce. On the personal side he loves gardening and planting unique vegetables and spices. Fun Fact: His first and