This 1-hour seminar teaches designated Company Admins for your company how to manage all the setup and information within AgilityHealth. As the main point of contact for AgilityHealth users for your company, the Company Admin will learn to manage all users, tags and teams, and how to view all AgilityHealth dashboards, analyze data and run valuable reports.

Who should attend:

Designated Company Admins who will be in charge of implementing AgilityHealth inside your company and providing leadership valuable insights for your teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to manage all AgilityHealth users
  • Learn how to manage all tags used to filter results
  • Understand how to manage teams, including updating teams and archiving old teams
  • Understand how to view all your teams at the Enterprise, Portfolio/Program and Individual Team level
  • Gain understanding into the data available on the AgilityHealth dashboards and how to run reports