Capabilities AgilityHealth® Comparative Agility
Manage & Visualize Team Structure
– For companies moving from project to persistent product teams, AgilityHealth
offers advanced capabilities for managing team structure, measuring role allocation,
team stability and setting gearing ratios.
Measure Maturity
– Maturity assessments for teams, product lines, portfolios and SAFe
– Rollup data and visualize in a user friendly manner
– Enterprise executive dashboard
– Growth over time
– Benchmarking
– Filter results by role
– Filter results by team member tag (FTE vs Contractor, Region)
– Filter results by team tags ( agile vs non agile, modern vs legacy..)
Measure Performance
– Provide a dashboard to display performance metrics:
– Flow: Predictability, throughput, feature cycle time, story cycle time, burn up chart ? ?
– Quality: MTTR, Change failure rate, high severity cycle times, defect ratio ? ?
– Jira Cloud, Server
– Service Now
– Rally
– GitHub