Measurement without action is worthless effort. The biggest challenge in accelerating the maturity and performance of your organization is how well teams and leaders can focus on identifying obstacles, learning and growing continuously.
This Continuous Improvement Champion certification enables internal change agents with the skills needed to ensure teams, managers and leaders are actioning on the organizational growth plans so that tangible results are achieved.
AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification is a preferred pre-requisite (not required).

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Workshop Duration

7-10 hrs

Part 1: CI Champion Introduction  1 hrs

  • Deep dive into the role and expectations of a CI Champion
  • The 6 capabilities of AgilityHealth
  • When to use which radar
  • Implementation strategy and jump starts

Part 2: Data Analysis, Recommendations and Readout | 2.5 hrs

  • Rolling up data across teams
  • Analyzing maturity, performance data, growth and decline
  • Analyzing growth items, summarizing patterns
  • Prioritizing top growth items
  • Preparing Leadership Readout presentation

Part 3: Forming and Enabling Continuous Improvement Leadership Teams | 2.5 hrs

  • Learn about leadership agility and the new role of managers and leaders
  • What is a CILT? Members, jobs to be done and cadences
  • Grouping items into the 4 buckets and taking action
  • Creating clear acceptance criteria and definition of done
  • Planning, review and demo cadences
  • Making it Stick – Top challenges and patterns to address them

Part 4: Partner Enablement (only for private partner workshops) | 2.5 hrs

  • Business value and ROI of investing in measurement and improvement
  • Deeper dive into the 6 capabilities of AgilityHealth
  • Embedding measurement into the engagement lifecycle
  • Setting up engagement outcomes in the OKR dashboard
  • Deep dive into implementation strategy and building an effective implementation team, plan and timeline

CI change leaders, Managers, coaches and team leaders who are responsible for  removing obstacles and improving the overall performance of teams in their organization.