This AgilityHealth Continuous Improvement for Champions certification enables internal change agents with the skills needed to set up Measure & Grow programs for success and ensure managers and leaders are actioning on improvement plans so that tangible results are achieved. AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification is a preferred pre-requisite (not required).

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Workshop Duration

2 half days

Part 1: CI Champion Enablement  (1 day)

  • Deep dive into the role and expectations of a CI Champion
  • Forming Continuous Improvement Leadership Teams
  • Influencing Managers and leaders, ensuring commitment to growth plans
  • Analyzing and reporting on overall impact of growth (across several radars) and preparing leadership readouts
  • When to use which radar, how to set up the implementation jump starts for success
  • Deeper dive into advanced features of the AgilityHealth platform
  • Making it stick – change management tips

Part 2: CI Planning Workshop for Managers/Leaders (4 hrs)

  • Learn about leadership agility and the new role of managers and leaders
  • Assessing and analyzing data patterns across teams
  • Identifying where to invest and prioritizing organizational improvements
  • Leveraging the Growth Portal to find guidance and growth recommendations
  • Grouping improvement items into actionable buckets with clear ownership
  • Breaking down organizational obstacles to smaller deliverables
  • Applying Agile practices to make tangible progress

CI change leaders, Managers, coaches and team leaders who are responsible for  removing obstacles and improving the overall performance of teams in their organization.