This workshop dives deeper into the new role and expectations of managers and team leaders in accelerating the overall agility and performance of their organization by focusing on continuous improvement to scale and enable their teams. This is a practical hands-on working session that takes as input current growth items and utilizes 'Agile' practices to help managers organize, breakdown and execute on their improvement backlog iteratively while leveraging the Growth Portal to build common standard guidance across the organization.

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Workshop Duration

1/2 day

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Learn about leadership agility and the new role of managers and leaders
  • Assessing the maturity and performance of teams
  • Analyzing patterns and data correlations
  • Identifying where to invest and prioritizing organizational improvements
  • Leveraging the Growth Portal to find guidance and growth recommendations
  • Grouping improvement items into actionable buckets with clear ownership
  • Breaking down organizational obstacles to smaller deliverables
  • Applying Agile practices to make tangible progress
  • Forming Continuous Improvement Leadership Teams
  • Measuring impact of growth and continuous improvement
  • Making it stick – change management tips
Team Health Radar
TeamHealth Radar

Managers, coaches and team leaders who are responsible for removing obstacles and improving the performance of teams in their organization.