What Our Customers Are Saying
(and we’re humbled)

"AgilityHealth not only gathers the quantitative data, but also provides valuable qualitative information. This allows teams to use this information in their own team improvement efforts and provides the voice of the teams to the organizational leaders to determine what the teams need to be more successful."

Large Financial Institution

“I partnered with our AgilityHealth® champion to review open Organizational Growth Items with appropriate team members across the Portfolio, Program and Delivery team levels to successfully influence resolution and closure of five organizational impediments.

The majority of the resolved organizational impediments [highlighted by the AgilityHealth® platform] were related to increasing team stability as well as communication and gathering affected team input when team member changes were planned.

Measured business outcomes from the monthly business review have shown the capacity churn rate has dropped approximately in half from its high (20%) in Feb.-Aug. while Feature time-to-market has also decreased by over 25% from January (15.8 weeks) through August (11.6 weeks).”

Agile Coach

Cox Automotive

“AgilityHealth® has been instrumental in our transformation journey thus far. Sally and her team have been incredible partners in numerous aspects of coaching; including Adaptive Leadership, AgilityHealth®, and Facilitation. They bring a passion and energy to every engagement that is unique, and a personal commitment to the customer that really differentiates them from other industry service models. To say that my experience with them has been ‘invaluable’, would be an understatement.”

Joni Wheeler | President/CEO


“AgilityHealth® has been designated as one of the key platforms we have in our arsenal, as we work hard to scale up Agile across all Agile teams at RBC. The AgilityHealth® team collaboration and dedication to seeing this program succeed is amazing and the fact that AgilityHealth® is now viewed as an enterprise standard is a testament to your efforts.”

Efrem Habteselassie | Vice President of Agile Enablement and Transformation

Royal Bank of Canada

“AgilityHealth® provided the catalyst to transform the culture of my team. The Servant Leadership course starts the transformation by focusing on the essential characteristics and skills of a leader dedicated to supporting and developing their team. Further Facilitation classes and team building address more specific skills. AgilityHealth® worked with us to help develop strategy, resolve conflict and consistently produce high performing teams. AgilityHealth® willingly adjusted their strategy and course work to accommodate our service team and our Lean Program. I strongly recommend them.”

Jennifer Richardson | VP Claims

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

“AgilityHealth® has paved the way to identifying common themes across teams that would not have been identified through our typical weekly team retrospectives.”

AgilityHealth Facilitator

Cox Automotive

“AgilityHealth® was brought in to help us improve our product development process through Lean Product Development and Lean Business Agility. This has been a wild success and is allowing us to completely revamp our process and improve our speed to market. The concepts used that were Agile related have spread like wildfire in our organization and is now used in some form in almost every functional area. I would highly recommend AgilityHealth® to any business – it’s not just for IT anymore.”

Andy Carritt | Sr Director of Information Technology for Irrigation

Valmont Industries, Inc.