This workshop is designed to help new and seasoned Product Owners learn how to successfully apply Agile methods and lead high performing, self-organizing teams.

Participants will get an overview of PO Role Radar, target competencies and what 'good' looks like. A PO Radar Assessment is completed during this session. With the outcome of building a growth plan & gaining clarity on the maturity of the Product Owner Role.

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Workshop Duration

2 days

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Review the basics of agile specific to the PO role
  • Take a deeper dive into the PO role
  • Assess your PO strength & growth opportunities
  • Learn techniques for engaging with stakeholders
  • Practice writing business outcomes & OKRs
  • Understand agile planning & visioning
  • Learn visual modeling techniques
Product Owner Radar
Product Owner Radar

Day 1:

  • Agile review
  • Deep dive into the product owner role
  • Product owner skills & behaviors
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Agile planning and visioning

Day 2:

  • Lean product discovery
  • Business outcomes & OKRs
  • User personas
  • Prioritization & measuring value
  • Breaking down epics
  • Visual modeling techniques

This workshop is intended for Product Owners who are (or will be) actively involved in the Agile teams in their organization to learn about how to perform their role so as to add real value to their team and the organization.