1- Learn about AgilityHealth & Continuous Improvement

Step 1

First things first, let’s learn the core capabilities of AgilityHealth and the core foundations of continuous improvement. 

2- Get Certified

Step 2

To facilitate an effective TeamHealth (or other radars) retrospective, you should invest in learning about the process by attending the training below.

3- Run Your First Retrospective

Step 3

Learn the key steps to run your first retrospective.

  1. Setup a company (if one doesn’t exist)
  2. Setup the team(s)
  3. Facilitate the Retrospective
  4. Facilitate the Management Readout
  5. Learn about the TeamHealth Baseline Jump Start (for a program or portfolio)

4-TeamHealth Baseline Jump Start Implementation

Step 4

Ready to rollout TeamHealth (or another radar) across all teams within a Portfolio/Business Unit or Program?

  1. Contact Customer Success for a Jump Start Implementation Strategy
  2. Build your program implementation plan
  3. Execute the TeamHealth Baseline Jump Start

Schedule AgilityHealth Demo

Ready to schedule an AgilityHealth demo and overview for your leaders? Please complete the short form and we’ll be in touch.

Schedule Continuous Improvement Strategy

Do you have an overall strategy for what to measure at every level? If not, we recommend scheduling this Continuous Improvement Strategy workshop which will help you define a vision and roadmap for your measurement and CI program.