Develop Agile Talent

A holistic program to transform the critical roles that enable high-performing teams.

Accelerating Talent Development

Agile and new ways of working are impacting many roles across all levels. We’ve identified 5 key ones to target for 2020 in addition to specialized roles. Scrum Master, Product Owners/Product Managers, Agile Managers,  RTE/Program Managers, Coaches. Invest in these key roles so they can sustain and mature the teams they lead towards your agility journey. 

Video: Agile Talent Development

The Four Quadrants

What Is a Role-Based Radar?

  • Role-Based Radars allow an individual to complete a self-evaluation via an online assessment
  • Designated Reviewers also complete an assessment for that individual (360 feedback)
  • Gain insight on competency level performance – recognizing strengths as well as development areas
  • Analyze the results and develop an individual improvement & growth plan
  • Rollup data across a cohort and analyze patterns

Lessons We’ve Learned

  • Start by clearly defining the Agile Role Architecture
  • Align on competencies, skills and jobs to be done at all levels
  • Align talent development goals with team goals
  • Develop targeted individual and management level “Growth Plans”
  • Provide access to role-specific multimodal learning and growth resources
  • Promote targeted mentorship and Community of Practice networks

The Growth Portal provides just-in-time recommendations & resources for teams to help themselves target competencies they want to improve. Dive deep into the Growth Portal to enable self-learning

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