This 1-day workshop teaches designated individuals from your company how to set up, prepare, facilitate and follow up on DevOps Health Retrospectives by certifying them as AgilityHealth Facilitators. The Facilitator plays a crucial role in the organization’s utilizing of AgilityHealth and their goals include providing a positive retrospective experience, helping Technology Delivery programs and/or teams to gain visibility into their current DevOps maturity, identify key areas for growth and develop a concrete growth plan of action for the next quarter at the program and team levels.

Who should attend:

Agile Coaches, Sr. ScrumMasters, Managers and other DevOps experts who want to improve the DevOps health and performance of their teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the purpose, deliverables, and agenda for facilitating a DevOps Health Retrospective
  • Understand the dimensions of the DevOps Health radar and how to introduce them
  • Gain confidence in facilitating by participating in a DevOps Health Retrospective simulation
  • Gain understanding in how to analyze the DevOps Health Radar and develop a team growth plan for the next quarter or program increment (PI)
  • Learn how to set up teams and schedule retrospectives