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The time to accelerate your Digital Transformation is NOW. The impact of COVID and big market disruptions have made this a top priority at the CEO level. So how can you assess your current maturity and develop concrete plans to accelerate in 2021?

Join us for a conversation led by Digital Transformation executives from large enterprises as they share their stories, insights and strategies for accelerating this journey with a focus on: 

  • Digital Business Model
  • Core Technologies
  • Enterprise Data & Analytics
  • Trust & Compliance
  • Digital Metrics
  • Customer & Product Strategy

Noah Rabinowitz
Chief Learning Officer & VP Global Leadership Development
Intel Corporation

Noah is a global leadership and learning executive focused on transformational change, digital, Agile, and problem-based leadership development. He has 20+ years of learning and leadership development experience working across industries and regions. Noah is inspired by learning as the catalyst for accelerated change and achievement of mission, purpose and potential.

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Meg Knauth
Vice President, IT Application Development and Production Support

Meg serves as Vice President of IT Application Development and Production Support over 7 domains and leads teams engaged in big data/analytics, next best action, logistics, billing, call center solutions, financial reporting, commissions, pricing & billing operations, micro-services development, product catalog, and order management. The rapid pace of change drives her.

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Jacob Sorensen
Chief Information Officer
Bank of the West

Jacob is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience orchestrating large-scale initiatives for global organizations. He builds game-changing teams with a focus on digital transformations and operational excellence.

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This webinar is ideal for Transformation executives, CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, senior leaders, enterprise coaches leading enterprise transformations, and AgilityHealth® partners

Live Webinar: Friday, Jan. 22 | 1 pm CST

Assess and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Hosted by Sally Elatta, CEO of AgilityHealth

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