Agile businesses need to constantly seed their backlogs with innovative pre-flight tested, market ready ideas. Discovery teams use their NextGen business competencies to build shared understanding of trends, customer/market forces and organizational imperatives to drive fast value decision making. Use this radar to help your discovery leaders:

  • SEE richer opportunities and peer more clearly into business model dynamics to discover and test customer value concepts.
  • ENGAGE creatively to pull daring and bold new ideas from collaborative teams with best-in-class storytelling to generate buy-in.
  • EVOLVE the organizational culture to make space – technical, social and political – for new ideas to gain a foothold, get funded and adopted.
  • DECIDE to act in the most constructive and efficient manner so that great ideas can accelerate to market with less wasted effort on bad ones.



Executives, Portfolio and Program Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers and Team Leads.


Twice per year.

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