Announcing the EBA 2.0 Release!

We’re excited to share our official release of the EBA 2.0 model and the new questions which have moved to the Pre-Crawl | Crawl | Walk | Run | Fly format.

What Changed?

  • The model has been simplified by moving from 4 capabilities within each pillar to 3 by consolidating similar ones and moving away from the 'how' for the capability names.

  • Questions now provide more value and guidance on the path to maturity/fluency for each capability by using the (pre-crawl, crawl, walk, run, fly) format.

  • The new EBA Workshops page was created to bring clarity into how to get started on the EBA journey and how to go deeper into each pillar through the enablement journey.

Next Steps?

  • Contact us or your AgilityHealth administrator to turn on the new EBA 2.0 radar.
  • Schedule an EBA Discovery call with us OR your internal EBA CoE to help you design your EBA next steps.

  • Not certified on EBA yet? Checkout the schedule page and register for an upcoming EBA workshop.