Talent Development Program

Enterprise Business Agility Change Agent Program

The shift from Agile at them team level towards Enterprise Business Agility requires a serious and intentional investment in building up internal skills across the 7 pillars that enable Enterprise Business Agility.

This program aims to accelerate the skill development through:

  1. Qualify: We first need to qualify and vet candidates to ensure they have the aptitude and relevant experience for the role and pillar they want to specialize in.
  2. Learn: 2-4 half day workshops to immerse change agents into learning the core skills needed
  3.  Pair: We recommend pairing new change agents with experienced ones on a few real-world use cases
  4. Measure & Grow: We get a baseline assessment of the current skills using the role specific radar and build an individual growth plan
  5. Mentor and Scale: We setup the Community of Practice and ensure there is an accessible playbook to build other change agents

Explore the EBA Training Library by Pillar here.

Individuals: 20-500
Weeks: 4-12
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Customer Seat at the Table (Discovery & Product Coach)

LPM and Outcomes Based Planning Coach

Org and Team Design Coach

Leadership, Culture & Talent Coach