We’ve launched our inaugural EBA and ICAgile BAF Certifications!

What an amazing 3 days of learning, sharing and growing we just completed! A passionate group of change agents from HR, organizational development, product management, business leaders and enterprise agile coaches came together to explore how to enable business agility.

We explored how to design a strategy for larger scale transformations that aim to bring the voice of the customer, improve demand/capacity mgmt., change the organizational design and leverage systems thinking, bring Agile/Lean mindset to the enterprise beyond IT, start a leadership transformation journey and most importantly … MAKE IT STICK!

Our first class included these passionate change agents, thank you for sharing your time, stories and expertise with all of us: Eduardo Segovia, Roger King, Eric Adames, Glenn Peterson, Padmini Nidumolu, Julie Springer, Leila Rao, Terry Lee, David Dust, Ryan Fullmer, Robert Small, Tony Alvarez, Trisha Hall, Gary Ropers, Dawn Thiem, Samar Elatta, Michael Moore, Wayne Arthur, Troy Long and Bryan Tew.

There are more details to come on the experience, but we wanted to quickly share some of the feedback. Click here to join next course in October!

The 7 pillars of Enterprise Business Agility

</p> <h5>Padmini Nidumolu, Agile Transformation Leader, Fannie Mae</h5> <p>

</p> <h5>Michael Moore, Enterprise Enablement, Cox Automotive</h5> <p>

</p> <h5>Terry Lee, Leadership & Organizational Development, HR</h5> <p>

</p> <h5>Tony Alvarez, Sr. Director Business Innovation, Orange Lakes</h5> <p>

</p> <h5>Xavier Segovia, Enterprise Agile Coach, IBM Office of CIO</h5> <p>

</p> <h5>Eric Adames, Enterprise Transformation Coach, USAA</h5> <p>

This class gave me a new understanding of enterprise level transformations, and most importantly, the confidence to kick one off.

Tony Alvarez

This was one of the best Agile certification workshops I’ve attended!

Xavier Segovia

This course taught me insight on EBA at a much higher level than I had seen before. I now see the bigger picture of this movement and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Troy Long