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4.4/5 value rating

``The EBA Summit brings the tribe together in a welcoming and intellectually rich gathering. The group size is perfect - large enough to draw from the experiences of many, yet intimate enough to foster meaningful, relevant business agility conversations.``
``I really loved how the teams brought all of the topics back to the fundamentals of people and empathy!!!``
``Hearing numerous peers share similar but unique experiences was awesome.``
``The sharing of stories was great! Networking with people that are trying to solve the same problems was invaluable.``
``Being new to Agile it was great to hear the issues others have been through, how they are working through them, that no answer is perfect the first time, and it’s a journey which we aren’t alone on.``
``Loved getting to hear from companies that experience similar roadblocks to give us new ways of thinking about approaching solutions in our own transformation.``
``I really enjoyed hearing other very successful companies sharing their challenges and how they overcome them. I also liked all the pointers received on engaging leadership.``
``The EBA Summit has been an extraordinary, intimate experience. I loved being able to talk with so many others about their journeys and hearing their stories. I have taken away so much valuable info that I will go and work toward applying.``
``Great insight into enterprise agility knowing that we are not alone on our journey brings me comfort.``
``It was valuable to see that other companies were struggling with similar issues. I’ll take away some great ideas on how to engage senior leadership in a whole new way. Great two days!``
``The EBA Summit is a great opportunity to make new connections and build a community of like-minded change agents.``
``What a great gathering of business agility experts - great sharing and collaboration, and affirmation - inspiring to come together and tackle common problems and issues.``
``Amazing! Great speakers - great ideas shared through the power of storytelling. Great job Sally and team!``
``The conference came at a great time where I am approaching my C-Suite about our Agile journey and taking it to the next level. Very actionable content!``

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Speaker Presentations – Day 1

Speaker Presentations – Day 2