Enterprise Business Agility Workshops

Getting Started

Enterprise Business Agility Seminar | 2 hrs

Leaders are facing increased pressure to deliver faster, better products. The journey of true Enterprise Business Agility is one that requires an overall transformation strategy that combines lean portfolio management, organizational value stream design, lean product development, leadership & culture, measurement, DevOps and other elements.

Through this 2-hour seminar, we’ll dig deep into the seven critical pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation and help executives understand the elements needed for designing successful business agility transformations where Agile/Lean goes beyond IT.

EBA Baseline Assessment | 1/2 day

This workshop is designed for transformation leaders to gain a baseline assessment of the current maturity on the Enterprise Business Agility pillars. The outcomes are clarity and alignment on current state along with identification of top areas of growth.

EBA Strategist Certification Course | 2 Days

This workshop is intended for leaders and change agents who are actively transforming their organization to learn about the key pillars needed for successful business agility transformations.

You will walk away with an understanding of concrete solutions and participate in activities tailored to your specific transformation challenges. Transformation leaders will learn how to enable enterprise level business agility transformations to technology groups and business areas across the enterprise. We will spend time exploring each of the seven pillars within the Enterprise Business Agility Model in detail, developing the skills necessary to lead a transformation within each pillar.

Participants will also receive the EBAS (Enterprise Business Agility Strategist) certification in addition to the *IC-Agile BAF certification. *Customized workshops might not qualify for IC-Agile BAF. 

EBA Strategy Planning Session | 1 day

This workshop is intended for senior transformation leaders and change agents who are actively transforming their organization to develop a vision, measures for success and transformation roadmap towards EBA. You’ll also design your Transformation Leadership team, decide on the scope and how fast you want to go and identify key stakeholders.

Jumpstart Workshops

Purpose: Mature portfolio management by focusing on defining and aligning around business outcomes and optimizing team design.

Purpose: Mature the structure of your organization to maximize agility for flow of value.

Purpose: Mature product & discovery by focusing on the customer, discover teams, team of team planning, assessing & developing growth plans.

Purpose: Mature leadership agility by focusing on Leadership Agility, Leading High Performing Teams, forming those teams, assessing them & developing growth plans.

Purpose: Mature Agile Talent & HR by deep diving into Agile Talent & HR concepts, facilitating the Agile Talent & HR Radar, assessing the results, developing key insights & building growth improvement backlogs along side quarterly planning.

Purpose: Apply Agile thinking to create high performing teams as Agile is a mindset, defined by values, guided by principles and manifested through many different practices. Business agility depends upon a strong foundation in applying Agile principles, processes and frameworks along with embracing Lean and Agile thinking.

Deep Dive Workshops by Pillar

Select a workshop category:

Product Discovery Deep Dive | 1 day

Workshop focused on maximizing the impact of your team’s Product & Service Development efforts.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Leveraging the Mobius Loop to connect Discovery and Delivery efforts and maximize the value your teams deliver on a sustained basis
  2. Exploring ways to develop a deep and nuanced understanding of your customers via targeted segmentation, personas, journey maps, and clearly defined differentiation strategies
  3. Improving the way your teams assess and prioritize opportunities prior to scaling solutions
  4. Utilizing a range of Rapid Prototyping techniques to accelerate your team learnings, embrace a culture of informed experimentation, and compress the timeline from concept to impact

Who should attend:

Leaders from business and technology who aim to bring the ‘customer seat at the table’ mindset to their areas.

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Form Discovery Team | 1 day

Workshop focused on maturing your Discovery capabilities via creation of dedicated Discovery Teams at the Team, Team of Teams / Program, and Portfolio-levels.

Areas of focus include:

  1. The critical role that Discovery plays in maximizing the strategic impact that Product & Service Design efforts can have for your customers and your business
  2. The importance of dedicating committed capacity to Discovery efforts
  3. Proven practices to approach designing your Discovery team(s)
  4. Key Cadence, Ceremonies, Outcomes, and Norms for Discovery Teams
  5. Potential Risks and Change Management considerations

Who should attend:
Leaders from business and technology who aim to bring the ‘customer seat at the table’ mindset to their areas.

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Building Measurable Outcomes with OKRs | 2 days

Workshop focused on leveraging “Outcomes and Key Results” (OKRs) to drive measurable business impacts.

Areas of focus to include:

  1. Ensuring strategic clarity and alignment across the organization
  2. Leveraging Annual and Quarterly OKRs to transition from a focus on outputs to business outcomes
  3. Aligning Capacity & Demand for improved delivery predictability
  4. Utilizing Enterprise Visibility Rooms (or digital equivalents) for increased Portfolio Transparency

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Lean Portfolio Management Planning (Yearly and Quarterly) | 2 days

This is a facilitated portfolio planning workshop for leaders from both the portfolio and product levels to come together and plan out the Demand and Capacity for the next quarter. The room will be setup as a Portfolio Visibility Room or Enterprise Visibility Room (EVR) based on the level of planning desired.

Workshop focused on leveraging Quarterly Strategic Planning processes for increased strategic and delivery Agility.

Areas of focus to include:

  1. The need to move from Annual to more frequent (ideally Quarterly) Planning, Optimization, and Alignment processes to enable increased adaptability and respond to today’s accelerated pace of change
  2. Review and potential optimization of Strategic Intent and Annual Target Business Outcomes on an ongoing basis
  3. Development of detailed quarterly OKRs, based on clear objectives, alignment, and prioritized capacity
  4. Clear understanding and visualization of key delivery dependencies, risks, and potential impediments
  5. Gaining broad-based buy-in and commitment to agreed to Quarterly OKRs


Org & Team Design Optimization | 2 days

Workshop focused on increasing Flow of Value and Enterprise Business Agility via simplified Org. and Team Design.

Areas of focus to include:

  1. Exploring ways in which Org. & Team Design can enable or impair Flow of Value and Agility
  2. Portfolio Team Design Roles & Structures, Optimization Patterns, Planning, and Ceremonies
  3. Applied exercises to explore various team design options in participant organizations
  4. Risks and Change Management considerations

Team Health & Performance Baseline

This is a continuous improvement and learning activity that involves running baseline assessment using the Team Health radar to establish the current state of your teams from a health/maturity and performance perspective. This includes both qualitative and quantitative metrics. This can be done across all teams in technology, teams in a specific portfolio or train or just for a few teams. The teams are engaged through a facilitated retrospectives to analyze results and identify areas of growth or support they need from leaders.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Education for leaders, coaches, Scrum Masters and teams on Team Health metrics and the continuous improvement process along with roles and expectations.
  • Team Health, Maturity and performance assessment across target teams (Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly)
  • Facilitated retrospectives with the teams where they complete the assessments, analyze results and develop growth items they want to target for next quarter or PI.
  • Visibility into organizational growth items / obstacles teams would like managers/coaches to own and resolve.
  • Visibility into enterprise level obstacles and growth items for senior leaders to resolve.
  • Clear recommendations for where to focus next to help the teams accelerate their growth.

Real World Agile for Teams | 1-3 days

Workshop focused on introducing the core principles, roles, practices and mindset of Agile and Lean. Goal of the workshop is to clearly articulate best practices of Agile teams within enterprise organizations, and provide real-world context to how they are deployed in complex environments.

Areas of focus include:

  1. The core Agile and Lean principles and what they were developed to solve for
  2. An overview of core Agile disciplines and practices
  3. An in depth view of Agile team structures and ceremonies, that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a given environment
  4. The core Agile mindset that underpins all Agile practices and ultimately shapes the specific Agile framework and practices optimized for your organization
  5. The importance of empowered, autonomous, and aligned stable teams

Advanced Agile for Teams | 1 day

Currently a placeholder for a “Lean Coffee” inspired custom Workshop focused on addressing the specific development needs of a given client as they work through the more nuanced, advanced areas of Agility.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Identifying the specific areas in which the organization or in-scope teams are working to mature their Agility practices and enable higher performance, alignment and engagement across their teams
  2. Engaging with in-scope teams and stakeholders to actively explore and evolve their practices and define targeted action plans for growth
  3. Provide a safe environment, facilitated by external practitioners, to explore complex challenges and solutions often difficult to explore with internal resources alone

Deep Dive into Agile Roles | 2 days

In-depth Product Owner and Scrum Master-specific Workshops focused on best practices for each role.

Areas of focus include:

  1. A deep dive review of the Roles and Responsibilities for each role
  2. A closer look at the core skills and behaviors each role needs to develop for success
  3. Core skills for each role, including: Visioning and Planning, Team Facilitation, Prioritization, Visualization of all team work, and enabling high performance, autonomy, and engagement across teams

Leadership Agility For Leaders | 1 day

There is a new modern way of working that challenges the traditional management methods of the past. The new way involves:

  • Giving customers a seat at the table in everything we do.
  • Delivering value iteratively and being open to experimenting with new ideas.
  • Aligning teams around outcomes at every level of the organization and planning in smaller increments.
  • Building cross-functional empowered teams that can deliver end to end value.
  • Becoming an Adaptive Leader who can lead in an ever-changing world and thrive under ambiguity.

This workshop is the beginning of the Leadership Transformation journey and is designed for leaders from business or technology to learn the new way of working and how leadership can support it. The course ends with an action plan for how each participant can apply their learning within their area. This workshop is ideal for an off-site leadership team-building session.

Workshop focused on leveraging the evolving Leadership best practices that are enabling high performing cultures to consistently deliver increasing value, become more innovative, reduce time to market, and enable higher levels of employee and team engagement.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Examining the core drivers and enablers of High Performing Knowledge-Based Cultures
  2. Exploring the Future of Work and its implications to Leadership best practices
  3. Understanding Today’s Evolving Leadership Models, What They’re Solving For, and the Case for Change
  4. Reviewing the roots of traditional hierarchical “Command & Control” Leadership Models
  5. Exploring Options to Shift to more Adaptive, Empowerment-Focused Leadership method

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Leading High Performing Teams | 1 day

Targeted Workshop focused on the role that leaders can and should play in methodically increasing the maturity and capabilities of their teams.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Reviewing the role that culture plays in high performing teams
  2. Examining the structure of Agile teams, with a particular focus on the “Leadership Triangle”
  3. Exploring Tuckman’s “Model of Team Formation” and the typical stages of maturity: Forming, Storming, Norming, & Performing
  4. Reviewing the importance of stable teams to reaching higher levels of maturity and performance, and implications to your organization
  5. Exploring the role of the Leader throughout the team maturity process, and the specific ways in which leaders can promote or impede team maturity and performance

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Leadership Triangle Forming | 1 day

Targeted Workshop focused on best practices when forming and maturing the critical Leadership Triangle sub-team.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Reviewing the specific roles and responsibilities of each Leadership Triangle member (e.g. Product Owner, Scrum Master / Facilitator, Solution Lead / Architect)
  2. Exploring the evolution of these roles at different levels of scale (e.g. Team, Team of Teams / Program, and Portfolio / Enterprise-level)
  3. Leveraging targeted Role Gap Analysis methods to assess the maturity of your Leadership Triangle teams and identify areas where further development may be needed
  4. Reviewing the core Agile Team Practices and Ceremonies and what they’re intended to solve for
  5. Assess the top Leadership Triangle Forming Challenges, and a range of methods that can be leveraged to accelerate increased maturity and cohesiveness across the Leadership Triangle team

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Leadership Agility for Managers | 2 days

There is a new modern way of working that challenges the traditional management methods of the past. The new way involves:

  • Giving customers a seat at the table in everything we do.
  • Delivering value iteratively and being open to experimenting with new ideas.
  • Aligning teams around outcomes at every level of the organization and planning in smaller increments.
  • Building cross-functional empowered teams and developing Agile talent.
  • Becoming an Adaptive Leader who can lead in an ever-changing world and thrive under ambiguity.

This 2 workshop is the beginning of the Leadership Transformation journey and is designed for managers and leaders from business or technology to learn the new way of working and how leadership can support it.  The second day digs deeper into the new role of Agile managers in addition to exploring other roles introduced with the new way of work.

Workshop focused on introducing the key concepts of Enterprise Business Agility to team leaders and people managers.

Areas of focus include:

  1. An overview of Enterprise Business Agility
  2. The Agile Leadership Mindset
  3. Building High Performing Agile Teams
  4. A Review of each of the 7 EBA Pillars
  5. A High-level EBA Implementation Strategy

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Facilitation and Collaboration Skills | 2 days

Workshop focused on the importance and value of effective Facilitation and Collaboration skills, as well as best practices in both.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Exploring the foundations of effective Collaboration and critical role it plays in enabling higher team performance, innovation, quality, and engagement
  2. Reviewing the different roles within highly effective collaboration sessions, including the: Sponsor, Facilitator, Participants, and Recorder / Scribe
  3. Mastering the core Skills of a Facilitator, including: Preparation, Kick-Off, Listening and Questioning Techniques, and Managing Dysfunctional Behavior & Conflict
  4. Closing the Group Meeting, with a focus on “WWWF” – What, Who, When, Follow-ups

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Tactical to Strategic Leadership | 1 day

Workshop focused on helping leaders make the journey from Tactical to Strategic leadership.

Areas of focus include:

  1. The differences between Tactical & Strategic Thinking
  2. Ways to leverage Kanban practices to visualize work and enable more strategic approaches to team capacity management and prioritization
  3. Exploring a range of approached to strengthening Strategic Planning capabilities
  4. Assessing the need and value proposition of shifting from more tactical to strategic leadership practices
  5. Exploring high impact Strategic Leadership Skills

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Leadership Assessment & Growth Planning | 1/2 day

This is a facilitated session that unpacks the results of an Agile Leader Health assessment among a group of leaders and supports them through building individual growth plans. This usually follows

  • Meeting purpose and norms for receiving feedback
  • Refresher on the Agile Leader health radar
  • Login and review radar results
  • Break
  • Pair with partner to analyze radar and responses
  • Identify top strengths and areas to improve
  • Build growth plan
  • Reflections and next steps

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Build Internal EBA Leaders (EBAS) | 2 days+

The EBA Enablement program aims to build internal capacity across change agents and transformation leaders and equip them with the right knowledge and skills to lead successful EBA transformations.

Program Steps:

  1. Identification and qualification of internal EBA change agents and leaders. These are usually senior level enterprise coaches and senior level leaders leading transformations for their org.  Specific traits and skills are used for qualification.
  2. Attend the Getting Started workshops above especially the 2 day EBA workshop.
  3. Attend a 2 day EBA Enablement/Train the Trainer workshop to learn specific methods for facilitating the top EBA workshops. This is customized based on selected deep dive topics.
  4. Co-Facilitate an EBA session with a qualified EBA certified trainer, receive feedback and build a growth plan.
  5. Deliver EBA workshops on your own and send evaluations from the first 2 workshops for review.

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AgilityHealth Facilitator Certifications

How do you measure your team and organizational agility? The AgilityHealth Facilitation certifications enable your change agents to measure the health of teams, team of teams, portfolios and enterprise and accelerate their growth and maturity.
Download the Measuring what Matters slide deck. 


  1.  Overview of AgilityHealth. This is a 2 hr learning session for Senior Leaders, Coaches, Managers or Scrum Masters who want to learn about what is expected of them during a rollout of a continuous improvement program.
  2. AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification (AHF) is a 1 day workshop that enables you to run the Team Health assessment and develop growth plans for teams.  Available public online or privately.
  3. Scaling Measurement & Growth: This 2 day workshop enables you to rollup, analyze and build cross-team improvement / growth plans by designing Continuous Improvement Leadership teams. You’ll learn about other radars available at higher levels and how to roll them out.
  4. AgilityHealth DevOps Facilitator: This 1 day workshop enables you to facilitate the DevOps assessment across teams, assess overall maturity and develop improvement/growth plans.
  5. Team of Teams Growth Strategy: This 1/2 day workshop is facilitated for a leadership team to analyze the results across a group of teams they lead, identify patterns and develop an improvement plan for the next quarter.

AgilityHealth<sup® Support Center

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