Check out our new Enterprise Agility Dashboard! This powerful dashboard provides insights around Agility, Maturity, and Performance across teams, critical team and assessment usage data, and dives deep into Growth Items.

Dashboard Insights

The Enterprise Agility Dashboard provides the ability to drill down into further detail and make underlying data visible, focusing on team maturity, performance, and agility, at any level. Data is available for active teams and the assessments they have completed, radars used, and team member and stakeholder participation. This dashboard also highlights areas where teams and organizations need to allow for additional focus by providing insights into Growth Items.

What you can do:

  • See which teams have 0, 1, 2, or more completed assessments
  • Understand team member and stakeholder participation in assessments
  • View radar usage including which radars have been used and how often
  • Dive deep into agility, maturity, and performance metrics to understand growth over time
  • Visualize team, organizational, and enterprise growth items by dimension, age, and status
  • Chart growth item completion over time
  • And much more!

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