Measurement Jump Start

AgilityHealth® Enterprise Baseline

Baseline the maturity and performance across your ALL of your Agile and non-Agile teams. Kickstart a continuous improvement program at all levels with actionable data. Answer these critical questions across your teams:

  • What is the current maturity and performance across all teams ? (Agile and non-Agile)
  • How can we use data to make decisions about where to target and invest in support?
  • How can we enable teams to help themselves sustain and improve their growth?
  • Where do we have talent gaps? Where can managers help?
Teams: 300-1000+
Weeks: 8-12
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This jump start aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Establish a baseline of TeamHealth®  (or other radars) across ALL your teams to gain visibility into the current maturity and performance.
  • Analyze patterns across teams and build team level, organizational and enterprise improvement plans.
  • Enable self-learning by providing targeted recommendations for each competency through the Growth Portal.
  • Leadership readout of results with targeted recommendations and action plan.
  • Training for managers and leaders on their role supporting Continuous Improvement and removing obstacles.



Implementation Strategy

The strategy sessions defines the scope of teams, target facilitators, data sources, identify stakeholders, configuration needs and build the rollout roadmap and timeline.


Setup & Configuration

This step includes configuration of AgilityHealth, loading of teams and users, training for admins, platform customization and setup of tags and radars.


Certification & Education

This step includes certification for Facilitators (AHFs), AgilityHealth Overview for Leaders, Managers and Scrum Masters.


Communication & Scheduling

This includes execution of communication from leaders related to CI program. Assignment of facilitators to teams and scheduling of retrospectives and readouts.

Rollout Process


Launch Assessments
(2 weeks)

Launch the assessments and give teams 2 weeks to complete them. Provide several virtual guided sessions with a live facilitator.


Facilitate Retros
(2 weeks)

Facilitate retrospectives with teams using Big Room Retro format (8-10 teams at a time) or as individual teams (1 facilitator for every 6 teams).


Leadership Readout
(2 weeks)

Review data and results with leaders, share insights and recommendations. Build organizational level growth items for leaders to support the teams.


CI for Managers and Leaders

Provide training for managers and leaders on their new role in supporting continuous improvement and removing obstacles for the teams.

Jump Start Implementation Strategy

The jump start strategy sessions sets up the rollout successfully by defining the program goals and scope of teams included. We determine which radars to use at each level, identify stakeholders, define customization needs, identify target launch dates and build the rollout roadmap.

AgilityHealth Facilitator Certification

This workshop certifies internal facilitators to run retrospective assessments for individual teams or as a Big Room Retrospective workshop. They learn how facilitate the session, analyze results and build a growth plan for teams and organizational items for managers/leaders to address.

Scaling Measurement and Growth

This workshop is for enterprise level coaches who will be analyzing the rollup data across teams, identifying patterns, designing recommendations and leading the leadership readout sessions in addition to ensuring accountability for growth action items.

CI for Managers and Team Leaders

This workshop dives deeper into the new role and expectations of managers and team leaders in accelerating the overall agility and performance of their organization by focusing on continuous improvement to scale and enable a large number of teams. This is a practical hands-on working session that takes as input current growth items and utilizes the Growth Portal and Agile methods to enable a sustainable process for helping teams grow.

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

Big Room Retrospective (BRR)

Insights Dashboard | Team Agility

TeamHealth PDF Output

TeamHealth Radar

Multi-Team Rollup Radar

Growth Timeline

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