This workshop is designed for transformation leaders and execution, both business and technology, to gain an understanding of how to enable and accelerate their enterprise business agility journey.
The session digs deeper into current challenges impeding strategy to execution, sharing of patterns used by other larger enterprises to accelerate this journey.
You will leave with clarity and alignment on your current state and where you need to focus to accelerate the journey towards business agility.

Workshop Duration

4 hrs (can be delivered in 2 sessions)

Facilitation Method

On-site or Virtual Delivery Available

  • Overview of what is Enterprise Business Agility
  • Top challenges with translating strategy to execution
  • Baseline your current Enterprise Business Agility maturity
  • Learn patterns used by other companies to accelerate the journey
  • View your results real-time including benchmark data
  • Identify top areas to focus on and build growth action plan
EBA Radar
Enterprise Business Agility Radar
  • Introduction, meeting purpose & norms
  • Workshop: Drivers for change
  • Quick overview of EBA pillars
  • Complete the assessment
  • Analyze the radar & facilitate conversation
  • Identify top gaps
  • Define strategic intent and top themes (12 months)
  • Next steps + session retrospective

This workshop is designed for Executives, Sr. Leaders, and Transformation Leaders to do a baseline assessment of the current maturity on the Enterprise Business Agility pillars and identify their top areas for growth.