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To help the transformation leadership team assess their current state, develop a quarterly roadmap & plan for the next quarter.


Typically taken by senior leaders from Technology, Business, PMO, HR, Finance and other change leaders working on transforming the organization around the 7 pillars.


Twice a year to check-in on the Enterprise Business Agility progress. Could be quarterly by the LOB transformation team.

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EBA is a strategy model to help guide your transformation

Business Agility is a journey that requires a parallel investment in several pillars. We created a model and use the EBA radar to help you assess your maturity across the 7 areas of investment with a plan that is unified and aligned across the enterprise. 

To start your Enterprise Business Agility journey:

  1. Watch the 5 min Business Agility explainer video
  2. Check out our EBA Model
  3. Schedule a private EBA webinar, assessment and strategy session
  4. Get certified as an Enterprise Business Agility Strategist (EBAS)
  5. Understand our Enterprise Business Agility Transformation approach