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To help the transformation leadership team assess their current state, develop a quarterly roadmap & plan for the next quarter.


Typically taken by senior leaders from IT, Business, HR and other stakeholder groups who wish to create an overall strategy for an active Enterprise Business Agility Transformation across several pillars.


Once a quarter or 3 times per year to check-in on the Enterprise Business Agility progress.


How it Works

We Deliver 1/2 Day EBA Assessment

  • Book a Demo to schedule a brief Discovery Call
  • Schedule the 1/2 day EBA Assessment for your leadership team
  • We facilitate the workshop on-site or virtually
  • You receive your EBA baseline report with the radar, growth areas and our recommended next steps

You Deliver the EBA Assessment

  • Book a demo to schedule a short Discovery Call
  • Signup for our 1 day advanced AgilityHealth EBA Facilitator Certification Course
  • Your internal coaches facilitate the 1/2 day workshop, build the growth plan and provide recommended next steps