Measurement Jump Start

Enterprise Business Agility® Baseline

Enterprise Business Agility is the operating model for enabling business agility. It’s a journey that requires parallel investment in several key pillars. This jump start will help you learn about EBA and assess your maturity across the 7 areas of investment with a plan that is unified and aligned. 

  • What is Business Agility and how to accelerate the journey?
  • How mature is our transformation and where should we focus next?
  • How do we use data to drive decisions on where to invest?
  • How do we engage senior leaders and business stakeholders on this journey?
  • How do we scale our internal change agents and enable each area to own their transformation?
Up to 10 Portfolios
Weeks: 3-4 weeks


This jump start aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Webinar: Educate, engage and excite senior leaders and change agents on Enterprise Business Agility
  • Assessment: Assess current maturity state for your transformation across the 7 pillars of EBA & identify focus areas
  • Strategy & Roadmap: Identify transformation outcomes and develop a plan/roadmap for the target pillars
  • Optional: Form/standup your cross-functional transformation team (roles, norms, cadences, tools)
  • Optional: Build an enablement plan and up-skill internal change agents
EBA Radar

Education, Assessment & Strategy


Engagement Strategy

This session defines the scope of the jump start engagement, which groups will engage and develop rollout plan


Setup & Configuration

This step includes:

  • Configuration of AgilityHealth and setup of EBA teams and participants
  • Setup of tags and multi-team rollup


Education & Learning


Assessment & Readout

EBA Radar Video Walkthrough

Share this video with participants if you plan to have them complete the EBA assessment before or after a webinar.

Facilitating the EBA Webinar & Assessment

View this support center guide to learn how to deliver the EBA webinar and assessment after you complete your EBAS certification.

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

EBA Assessment Results PDF

EBA Growth Plan Sample

EBA Radar

Multi-Team Rollup Radar

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