Measurement Jump Start

Enterprise Business Agility® Baseline

Enterprise Business Agility is the operating model for enabling business agility. It’s a journey that requires parallel investment in several key pillars. This jump start will help you learn about EBA and assess your maturity across the 7 areas of investment with a plan that is unified and aligned. 

  • What is Business Agility and how to accelerate the journey?
  • How mature is our transformation and where should we focus next?
  • How do we use data to drive decisions on where to invest?
  • How do we engage senior leaders and business stakeholders on this journey?
  • How do we scale our internal change agents and enable each area to own their transformation?
Up to 10 Portfolios
Weeks: 3-4 weeks


This jump start aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Webinar: Educate, engage and excite senior leaders and change agents on Enterprise Business Agility
  • Assessment: Assess current maturity state for your transformation across the 7 pillars of EBA & identify focus areas
  • Strategy & Roadmap: Identify transformation outcomes and develop a plan/roadmap for the target pillars
EBA Radar

Education, Assessment & Strategy


Implementation Strategy

This session defines the scope of the assessment and webinars, which groups will engage, how data should be rolled up and develop rollout plan
1 hr


EBA Webinar & Assessment

Assessment may also be launched after the seminar to a wider group.


EBA Strategy & Roadmap

This workshop includes building out clear outcomes for your transformation and designing a quarterly roadmap.
EBA Strategy & Roadmap (3-4 hrs)


Build Internal Change Leaders

Training and certification for internal enterprise business agility champions

EBA Radar Video Walkthrough

Share this video with participants if you plan to have them complete the EBA assessment before or after a webinar.

Facilitating the EBA Webinar & Assessment

View this support center guide to learn how to deliver the EBA webinar and assessment after you complete your EBAS certification.

Sample Outputs and Screen Shots:

EBA Assessment Results PDF

EBA Growth Plan Sample

EBA Radar

Multi-Team Rollup Radar

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