Enterprise Business Agility Model

The Enterprise Business Agility Model provides guidance for leading a business agility transformation based on the key pillars below.

With the understanding that organizations are highly complex, adaptive ecosystems, Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) efforts need to be approached holistically and iteratively. The EBA Strategy Model was specifically created to help organizations:

  1. Clearly assess where they are today against EBA best practices
  2. Build targeted, transparent growth plans to iteratively close gaps in their current capabilities
  3. Articulate and align their top priorities at all levels of the organization
  4. Provide increased transparency and visibility into their key strategic initiatives, any “blockers” that need to be resolved, and their ultimate impact on the business metrics that matter most
  5. Develop and help evolve their most critical assets, their people and culture, to win in rapidly changing, disruptive, Agile markets

If innovation, adaptability, and speed-to-market are key competitive differentiators in your industry, Enterprise Business Agility needs to be a core focus for your organization.

Moving beyond Agile transformations

This illustration represents how Enterprise Business Agility is a continuous journey with all areas moving together in alignment.

For large enterprises, Enterprise Business Agility requires an overall transformation strategy that embeds agility across teams, technology, processes, people and the entire enterprise while measuring what matters, and leveraging data to guide the journey instead of subjectivity and instincts.

Why is this journey crucial for your organization?

Because gone are the days when big companies eat small companies. Today fast is eating slow – regardless of size. The ability to learn and deliver faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Enterprise Business Agility Value Stream

Visualize how each pillar aligns and optimizes each step in your enterprise portfolio value stream.

Enterprise Business Agility Radar

For companies adopting our Enterprise Business Agility Model, this radar helps the transformation leadership team assess their current state and maturity on the seven pillars, provides guidance for developing a quarterly roadmap, and measures the health of their Enterprise Business Agility transformation.

This is radar is typically taken by senior leaders from IT, Business, HR and other stakeholder groups who wish to create an overall strategy for an active Enterprise Business Agility transformation across several pillars.

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